The Scientific Genomics Platforms located at the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC) in Berlin-Buch are funded by the Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology (BIMSB) and the Berlin Institute of Health (BIH). The main focus of this department lies on functional genome research using sophisticated next generation sequencing methodologies.

In the associated Laboratory of Functional Genomics, Nutrigenomics and Systems Biology, we aim to explore fundamental biological phenomena and to pursue innovative approaches for translating new insights to eventually help the patient.

The Scientific Genomics Platforms invite all researchers from the MDC, Charité and elsewhere to collaborate on cutting-edge functional genomics-oriented projects. Therefore, we establish and develop procedures to provide access to newest technologies, particularly highly parallel sequencing. Moreover, the team supports collaborators in data analyses.

Current key activities of the platforms comprise basic research-oriented functional genomics research projects (e.g. RNA-based regulatory mechanisms and epigenetic phenomena), as well as medically relevant projects (e.g. decoding of genetic or gene-regulatory mechanisms with relevance in disease-associated processes, for example in cancer and metabolic diseases). Furthermore, we establish methods and provide services to cater large-scale projects in the field of gene panel, exome- or whole genome sequencing.

A particular focus of the Scientific Genomics Platforms consists of application of large-scale single-cell genomics analyses for which we have established unique, scalable technologies.