Dear Colleague,
Please contact me directly via phone or e-mail (sascha.sauer @ if you need whatever kind of support in high-throughput genomics experiments in the course of your systems medical or systems biological research.
We furthermore offer diverse collaborations, in partiular to support research-intensive projects in the fields of functional genomics, single-cell analysis and integrated biological data analysis.
Kind regards,
Sascha Sauer

Dr. Sascha Sauer
Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine
Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology/Berlin Institute of Health
Scientific Genomics Platforms
Laboratory of Functional Genomics, Nutrigenomics and Systems Biology
Robert-⁠Rössle-⁠Str. 10, 13092
Berlin - Germany

Email: sascha.sauer @
Phone: 0049-30-94062995